How can we save money and get a special entrance fee for Nationalparks?
Buy the America the Beautiful National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass. It is available at the park entrances and costs USD 80. Without that card you would have to pay USD 10-15 per entry.
What kind of fuel does an RV need?
The RV needs unleaded 89 octane, Regular Gasoline-Medium Grade. Look for the yellow sticker on the front of every gasoline pump with the big 89 on it.
What is the amperage for your vehicles?
Our RV s require 30 amps.
What kind of power supply does a RV have?
The camper is equipped with a V-8 engine. The refrigerator, 3 burner stove and oven are operated with propane gas. The power for the cab-air conditioner is supplied during driving by the engine. The power for the roof-air conditioner is supplied by an outside 110V power supply or by an on board generator.
What is the average fuel use of a RV?
Our Class C motorhomes get approx. 20 – 25 lt per 100 km / 10 – 12 miles per gallon.

Our Class B motorhomes get approx. 12 – 15 lt per 100 km / 16 – 18 miles per gallon.

What does RV stand for?
RV means recreational vehicle.
Can I tow my car or boat with the RV?
Towing is not allowed with our RVs.
Can we bring our pets?
We do not allow pets in our campers.
Are there any price differences between campgrounds?
Public campgrounds are generally less expensive than privately owned places. The location is also an important factor, e.g. a campground near Yosemite National Park will probably charge higher fees than a little place in the countryside
How much does a campground cost?
Campground fees vary between USD 20 and USD 80 per night / per vehicle. The time of year and any special events or attractions may also effect the rates.
Is it possible to camp in the wild?
It is possible to camp in the wild, however, we do not recommend for security reasons.
Which campground guides and maps do you provide?
We provide the Good Sam RV Travel Savings Guide & KOA Campground Directory. These two guides will show area campgrounds. We also provide a Road Atlas and Operators Manual in each RV.
Is it necessary to make reservations for campgrounds?
Depending on season and location it may be necessary to make reservations in advance, especially during the summer months and for points of special interest e.g. National Parks, Theme Parks, etc.
Are there any size restrictions on campgrounds or parking lots
There may be some campgrounds that will not allow RVs above an overall length of approx. 25 ft. Our models currently meet this criteria. Some campgrounds may have limitations on how long generators may run, if they do not have full hookups for electricity.

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